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West Town Bakery & Diner located in Chicago at 1916 West Chicago Avenue
90th Meridian


90th Meridian, a chic dining spot beloved for its lunch and happy hour ambiance, is steeped in a rich historical tapestry. Originating as the Pacific Grand Hotel in 1871 under the vision of John Drake, this landmark was reborn from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire in 1873, ascending as the largest hotel of its era. It became a hub for influential figures, serving presidents, dignitaries, and industrial magnates, thus dubbed the “Headquarters of Statesmen.”

This very location also played a pivotal role in the adoption of Standard Time on October 11, 1883, a momentous event in the annals of history. Having transitioned through various esteemed hands, from major railroad corporations and L.Z. Leiter of Marshall Field & Company to Northwestern University, it ultimately found a new chapter with the Illinois Trust and Savings Bank. The bank transformed the premises, introducing a grand entrance reminiscent of the Pantheon and a majestic banking hall, all under the watchful guard of impenetrable ten-ton vault doors.

Now, as 90th Meridian, this venue continues to honor its storied past while serving as a trendy locale for those seeking a sophisticated dining experience. Specializing in corporate happy hours, political fundraisers, and office catering, 90th Meridian marries its historical significance with contemporary flair, offering a unique backdrop for memorable gatherings.

231 South LaSalle Street, Chicago IL, 60604

The food at 90th Meridian is heads above the competition in the area.
Happy Hour food at 90th Meridian in Chicago's financial district
90th Meridian is located at the Wintrust Financial Building at 231 South LaSalle
The dining room at 90th Meridian is also a perfect happy hour location
Enjoy a glass of wine at Happy Hour at 90th Meridian
Sharable food at 90th Meridian for all kinds of corporate events and happy hour