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The Berkshire Room Logo
West Town Bakery & Diner located in Chicago at 1916 West Chicago Avenue
The Berkshire Room


One of Chicago’s most respected cocktail bars, The Berkshire Room is a craft cocktail lounge that is free of pretension while giving you, the guest, unparalleled service in sleek and refined surroundings.

The Berkshire Room opened in July of 2013, bringing the Dealer’s Choice to Chicago where guests choose their spirit, style, glassware, and then our talented mixologists create a one-of-a-kind cocktail just for you.

In addition to the Dealer’s Choice, craft cocktails are updated seasonally with artistic cocktail director, Jesse Sexton. 

The Berkshire Room is also home to one of the country’s most extensive Bourbon & Scotch lists along with antique bourbons & other dusties dating back to the end of Prohibition.

The cocktails at the Berkshire Room are handcrafted with beauty and grace.
Charcuterie at the Berkshire Room in Chicago. One of the classic cocktail lounges in the great city of Chicago.
A view from the perch at the Berkshire Room
A Craft Cocktail at the Berkshire Room
Cocktail Attire at the Berkshire Room