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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I purchase an eGift Card

  • My recipient did not receive their eGIFT CARD. Who can I speak to?

    Please have the recipient check their spam and promotions folder first. Also double check which email address you sent the card to. 

    If you have your confirmation number from your email, you can check the order status HERE

    If you need the eGift Card resent, please email GIFTCARDS@THEFIFTY50.COM

  • Where can I purchase a physical Gift Card?

    • At all participating Fifty/50 Group Restaurants
    • Online HERE
  • I have a gift card for one location, but I’d like to use it at another location. What can I do?

    Gift cards purchased for any Fifty/50 location, whether they feature a specific restaurant or the group logo, are valid at all participating locations.

  • I have an old gift card that does not contain a PIN and I am unable to check the balance. Can you look it up for me?

    Some of our earlier gift cards did not have PINs. Please take a photo of the front and back of your card and email GIFTCARDS@THEFIFTY50.COM

    We will look up the balance for you.


  • Is discounted pricing available on large orders?

    Yes. We offer discounted pricing on bulk Gift Card orders starting at $2,000.

    • $2,000 – $4,999  |  5%
    • $5,000 – $19,999  |  10%
    • $20,000 and up  |  15%

    Please note: Discounts may be awarded in dollar amount off of your total purchase or in additional gift cards. This is only available by contacting f you need the eGift Card resent, please email GIFTCARDS@THEFIFTY50.COM and is not available online. 

    A maximum of $1,000 in gift cards can be used for a private event. If you take advantage of bulk purchasing during the holiday bonus offers, you must choose between the bonus or the bulk discount; both cannot be applied.

  • Can I track my order?

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  • How long will my order take to arrive?

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  • How can I change my order?

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  • What are the restrictions on the Holiday Bonus cards?

    • Valid January 2 through April 15. If you do not use it, you can use it during the same time next year.
    • Valid for dine in and carry out only
    • Not valid on Saturdays
    • Not valid on Valentine’s Day or Easter
    • Not valid with any promotional certificates or other offers
    • Not valid towards Loyalty Rewards, certificates or points
    • Not valid towards gratuity or redeemable for cash
    • Not valid on contracted parties, catering or delivery services
    • Please protect the Holiday Bonus as it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Can I use multiple Holiday Cards at one time?

    Yes, you can use multiple Holiday Bonus cards at one time. Holiday Bonus cards can also be used in conjunction with Fifty/50 Group Gift Cards. They cannot be used with any other promotional card, however. 

  • I have an expired Holiday Bonus Card. Can I use it next year?

    The Holiday Bonus is a promotional offer that can only be used between January 2nd – April 15th every year. Cards from any previous year will always be accepted during the Holiday Bonus redemption time frame, regardless of the year listed. 


  • Where can I use my Gift Card?

    Fifty/50 Group gift cards can be used at al participating locations. 

    They are not valid at the following locations at this time:

    • Second City Theaters, 1959, and Bentwood
    • VU
  • How do I have to clean my product?

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  • What is a PIN and why does my Fifty/50 Card have one?

    For security purposes, the Fifty/50 Group gift cards feature a PIN that will be used for Online Redemptions and to look up your balance. There will never be a need for you to use your PIN when dining-in at our establishments. 

  • Do Fifty/50 Group Gift Cards expire?

    Some promotional cards expire but a Fifty/50 Group gift card that was purchased does not expire and there are no maintenance or non-usage fees. 

  • Are there restrictions to when I can use Gift Cards?


    For private events, a maximum of $1,000 may be applied to final payments for a contracted event or catering order. 

    Management reserves the right to verify the authenticity of a gift card and may refuse to accept it if there is suspicion that it has been stolen.

  • Can you replace my Fifty/50 Group gift card if it is lost or stolen?

    Please protect your Gift Card like it is cash. If it is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced.

  • Will I receive Loyalty Points when I purchase gift cards?

    The Fifty/50 Group rewards are triggered during payment at the end of a meal. Gift Cards do not earn points but they are awarded when someone pays with a regular, non-promotional gift card.

  • Can I use my Fifty/50 Group Gift card towards a private party or event?

    Fifty/50 Group Gift Cards will be accepted for final payments of private parties and catering events up to $1,000. Gift Cards cannot be used towards deposits.



  • What are the terms, provisions, and rules of the Fifty/50 Group Gift Card?

    Please present this card for food, beverage, tax and gratuity at participating Fifty/50 Group restaurants. Purchases will be deducted from the card until the value reaches zero. The card cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by law, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. This card is not valid toward Loyalty Reward points when used. This card is valid towards online delivery and pick up orders placed only through and via the Roots App. Fifty/50 Group Gift Cards will be accepted for final payments of private parties and catering events up to $1,000. Fifty/50 Group Cards are not valid the same day as purchased November 1- December 30 or during other bonus offers. This card has no maintenance or non-usage fees and never expires. Protect this card like cash. 

    The Fifty/50 Group and affiliates are not responsible for gift cards sold on unauthorized sites or secondary markets. Management reserves the right to verify the authenticity of a gift card and may refuse to accept it if there is suspicion that it has been stolen or obtained fraudulently.