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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

    You receive one Point for every dollar you spend on your Food & Beverage when dining at any participating Fifty/50 Group Establish. You will automatically receive at least $20 in Reward Dollars for every 300 points you earn.

    There are four Status Levels that you can achieve as a member of the program.

      • Regular Members have spent between $1-$1,199 since enrolling, and earn 1 Point per Dollar spent. They earn $20 per 300 points.
      • Premium Members have spent between $1,200-$4,499 since enrolling, and earn 1 Point per Dollar spent. They earn $25 per 300 points.
      • VIP Members have spent between $4,500 or more since enrolling, and earn 1 Point per Dollar spent. They earn $30 per 300 points.
      • VIP Platinum Members have spent between $4,500 or more since enrolling, they have spent $2,500 in the last or current calendar year, and they earn 1.25 Point per Dollar spent. They earn $30 per 300 points.

    Once you have reached Platinum VIP Status, you will keep that status through the current and following calendar years.

    Once you have reached Premium or VIP Status, you will hold onto that status indefinitely unless you fail to make a purchase in a calendar year or close your account.

  • How do I earn points at an establishment?

    Please give or write down your phone number when paying and the cashier will look you up and add points to your account.

    We can also look you up via email. 

  • Do I earn points for carryout & delivery orders?

    You can earn loyalty points when you call us directly at our location. 

    If you are ordering from Roots Handmade Pizza, you may earn points when you order from or via the Roots Pizza app. 

    Loyalty points are not earned on orders placed via DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, or any other third-party app or service. 

  • How do I redeem and use my rewards when I get 300 points.

    Your reward dollars are automatically earned when you cross a 300 point threshold.

    To use your Rewards, just let your server or bartender know the amount that you wish to apply to your bill. When ordering online for carryout, you will be able to see your reward dollars that are available.  

  • What restrictions are there for using my Rewards?

    Loyalty Rewards are not valid in conjunction with any other offers, discounts, and promotional certificates. Rewards cannot be redeemed on Saturday nights.

    Reward Dollars are not valid at Second City, VU Rooftop, or Bentwood in New York. 

    Loyalty Rewards are also not valid on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Loyalty Rewards are not valid for payments toward private parties, merchandise, or catering (carryout or delivery orders over $250).

  • Do I earn points when I purchase a Gift Card?

    Loyalty Points are issued when you redeem a gift card, but not when you purchase one. Only the person redeeming the gift card is eligible to earn Point. Reward Dollars may not be used to purchase Gift Cards.

    Redeeming Holiday Bonus Cards (Jan 2 – April 15) do not result in points being issued. 

  • How do I earn points when hosting a private party or catered event?

    To earn Loyalty Points when hosting a private party or event, you must be signed up as a Loyalty Rewards Member prior to the event date. 

    You will receive one point per dollar for the food and beverage subtotal. Platinum VIP points (1.25) are not awarded for parties or private events. 

    The name of the person receiving the Loyalty Points must appear on the contract or it may be the spouse. In the case of a business event, either the event planner or the host may receive or split the points. For social events or weddings, only the host is eligible to earn points. 

    The maximum amount of points that may be earned for any single event is 3,000 points. Members may earn points at multiple locations in the same day, if they host two events and in that case can earn up to 3,000 points per location, per day.

  • How do the Birthday Rewards work?

    Members with a paid visit/point accrual transaction in the 12 months prior to their birth date will receive a Birthday Reward posted to their account on the first day of the month of their birthday.

    Birthday Rewards expire at the end of the month and they are not cumulative.

    Members receive a $15 Birthday Rewards and can be used toward your dining check on any day without restrictions.

  • What happens to my Loyalty Points and Reward Dollars at the end of the calendar year?

    If you have at least one paid visit/points accrual added to your account during the calendar year, the points on your account will roll over to the following year.

    If you have not had a paid visit/points accrual added during a calendar year, your account will become deactivated. To reactivate your account, you must email

    Cards activate before 1/1/2023 will not be recoverable after 7/1/2024.

  • Can I still earn points and redeem rewards at OKAY Cannabis Dispensary or Bud & Rita Dispensary locations?



  • Do you have an app for West Town Bakery where I can earn points and use rewards

    This is currently in development and we are hopeful to roll this out in September 2024. 

  • How do I earn points for pick-up and delivery orders?

    For Roots Handmade Pizza, you may order online from or download the Roots Pizza App. 

    To link your loyalty account, just use your phone number or email address and the system should be able to recognize you if you have an active account. 

    If you run into any issues, email and we will issue your points and help you link your account for your next purchase. 

    For all other restaurants, please call the store directly to order and ask us to link your loyalty account. We can look you up via phone number or email address. 

    All points are posted to your account after you’ve picked up or had the order delivered and the transaction is closed. 

  • Can I redeem Reward dollars when ordering online?

    Yes – Reward Dollars can be redeemed when ordering online via or via the Roots App.

    When calling in, if you have Reward Dollars available, the associate on the phone will be able to apply them for you. 

    Loyalty Points and Rewards are not valid or stackable with other offers, discounts, and promotional certificates. 

    You will receive points only for food and beverage subtotals, therefore points are not earned on delivery fees or any other surcharges. 

  • What if I forgot to link my account or tell the person on the phone to add my points?

    Not a problem. Just email and send a copy of the receipt or bank transaction. We will add the points up to 6 months after the transaction occurred. 

  • Can I get points on Third Party services like DoorDash?

    No. Loyalty Points are only earned when ordering direct from our restaurants. 

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