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About The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group

Creative. Driven. Forward thinking.

A Brief History

Founded in 2008, The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group is a fun-loving group of individuals responsible for creating several diverse restaurant and bar concepts across Chicago. Through hard work and innovation by the principals and partners, the group either owns or manages 14 establishments since its inception less than 10 years ago.

The founding of The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group was the result of the partnership between Scott Weiner and Greg Mohr, who became great friends and coworkers in 2003 when they began working together with Lettuce Entertain You. In 2007, as Chicago was about to implement a smoking ban in bars and restaurants, the duo recognized an opportunity to bring higher quality food and service into a sports bar environment. With the opening of The Fifty/50 in Wicker Park, they found themselves at the forefront of Chicago's growing restaurant and bar movement.

Since then, they've invested in growing neighborhoods and communities across Chicago to become fixtures with unique concepts such as Roots Pizza and West Town Bakery. Along with the company's rapid growth, they've worked hard to build great company culture and infrastructure allowing them to maintain a high level of success and attention to detail.

The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group has become one of Chicago's fastest growing restaurant groups due to their amazing people who go above and beyond as well as the hard working and dedicated partners who constantly push to be the best in their field. The group continues to focus on new restaurant concepts and locations within Chicago as well as other cities across the US.

Our Philosophy

The basic premise is simple. We strive to take care of our people first. We strive to be the best as a team, but we need a team that supports all of the individual players so that they can one day become superstars. The next priority is our mission to treasure our guests who make it all possible. We then strive to focus on our community, our suppliers, and our investors. We create and maintain a positive environment that is constant in its growth. We aim to pass on that positive energy to the guests' dining experience. That's how we ensure our guests leave feeling better about their day and the money that they spend with us... so they'll do it over again.


With close to 50,000 active loyalty members in Chicago, the Fifty/50 Restaurant Group has one of the most dynamic and loyal followings across neighborhoods all across the city. It is our mission to always find ways to give back to our loyal customers and give thanks for their incredible support these past years. We endeavor to be involved in your community and we strive to be great neighbors.

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